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Phoebe Game Character by Solacen Phoebe Game Character by Solacen
A character of mine named Phoebe made to work in a game engine. Made in Blender 3d with textures done in Photoshop cs6. Just under 5700 Tris for the character and another 700 for the sword which is a separate model. The textures for both are 2056x2056. Created entirely by myself.

I learned alot while making this and i may one day come back and recreate the character when ive got more experience. Definitely had my share of problems making her but that's mainly due to experience. I tried to limit the polycount as much as possible while still having enough mesh to animate with. In the end i feel like i could of given myself abit of a higher polycount to work with to help prevent clipping more.

Im entering it into the 3Differences contest for game characters. While the original drawn design wasnt made for that purpose i thought i may as well enter it anyway seeing as i was modeling it at the same time the contest was /is running.
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December 17, 2013
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